How to Use Video Marketing in Your Email Campaigns

No doubt you’re aware of the benefits of video marketing.

And you probably know that a well nurtured email list is one of the most potent cash machines that every company should use.

So, what if you combined them?

Well funnily enough, adding video to your email campaigns can actually triple your click-through rate and reduce your unsubscribe rate by 75%.

Easy peasy, right?

Well… as with all digital marketing, you need to make sure you’re doing it right.

This post will answer the most common questions on how you can pull off a kick-ass video marketing email campaign.

Question 1: Where do I put the video?

What should you do…. embed the video into your email, insert a link that drives traffic to your landing page, use a thumbnail???

Embedding the video seems to be the first choice marketers & business owners go for. It gets your video in front of your prospect without them having to waste any additional time clicking a link.

But although this sounds like the most intuitive choice, there are some pretty convincing reasons ( why it’s not the most effective.

The biggest one is that your video (at least a good one) is designed to make people take action. On an email, they have two major options – reply to the email, or archive it. You could include a link to a new page, but this negates the whole user experience benefit of saving them a link click.

On your website or landing page, you have much more control about what they do next. They could download a free report, register for a webinar, order a free trial, contact you… the list is endless.

Best practice: Place a thumbnail image in your email that links to a landing with your video front & centre.

Question 2: What are the best videos to send?

Short, snappy, powerful videos.

A very successful executive I’ve worked with told me that he reads the first line of an email, 50% of the second, and probably 1 word of the third.

Email need to be short & to the point.

The same goes for video. So if you’re planning on sending out that 59-minute presentation your IT guy gave about new features to your platform, please think again.

It’s OK to share long-form video every now & then, but if your customer knows that every time they receive a video from you they have to bring a bag of popcorn, they’ll eventually stop opening them.

Best practice: videos of 30 to 90 seconds are best for email video marketing.

Don’t be a one hit wonder

If you want to reap the rewards with your email video marketing campaigns, you shouldn’t stop at just one. A series will help grow your prospects confidence in you, making them more likely to take action with each one, especially if what you’re providing is truly valuable.

Best practice: Send a series of videos for best results. You can label them “video 1 of 5” for specific campaigns to generate even more eagerness.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Regardless of whether you’re using video marketing or not, a call to action (CTA) should always be included for valuable content. The CTA will depend on your process, but it could be anything from buying your product, downloading a trial, or simply sharing your email.

Bonus tip: try different CTA’s and measure the results. Keeping track of conversions will pay dividends in future campaigns.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Realtors have their mantra, we have ours.

To make people trust you and recognise you as an authority in your field, your content has to be special. Something that triggers a deep pain or huge pleasure in their minds.

Make sure you work with an agency you trust. One that produces high quality, customized content, and avoid cookie cutter videos that damage your brand.

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