Animation vs Live Action Video…
The Pro’s & Con’s

If you’re reading this, you’ve decided to at least explore new ways of marketing your business.

And as with all marketing, you want the highest possible return on the lowest possible budget.

You might even have gone as far as exploring a video marketing option.

So, what goes into producing an effective video?

The 1st thing is deciding whether to go animated, or live action.

Live Action


Pro’s of live action

  • Great for physical products (think cars, jewellery etc. Though images and video clips of these products can also be included in an animated video)
  • Effective at building rapport and connecting with your audience
  • Quick to shoot and edit

Con’s of live action

  • Not ideal for every business
  • Difficult to communicate complex, technical, or theoretical ideas
  • Requires actors (which costs more money)
  • Requires GOOD actors (which costs EVEN more money)
  • Requires a film crew (or at least equipment)
  • Requires special software to edit
  • Once it’s filmed, more shooting is needed to make changes
  • Limited at what you can showcase
  • If branding or messaging changes down the line, difficult and expensive to change the video

Animated Video

Con’s of animated video

  • Usually takes longer than live action
  • Not as effective at building rapport with your audience
  • It can take sometimes take a few passes to make sure graphics represent brand
  • Requires special software


Pro’s of animated video

  • Can be used for any type of business
  • A lot more flexibility
  • No need for actors
  • No need for a camera crew
  • A lot easier to make changes throughout, and even after video is completed
  • Can communicate complex messages with graphics / illustrations
  • Can replicate your branding in the video
  • Fun and more effective at grabbing attention
  • Combining a narrated audio message with a visual image is more effective in a video versus text or audio alone (people remember more)
  • The ability to make changes more easily means you can tweak your video if your brand/messaging changes


If you prefer the live action video but can’t afford the budget, you can always consider a VFX video, which contains stock footage of “real life” scenarios, similar to this: This is much more affordable and a lot easier to change down the line, but you may not find the exact footage you’re looking for.

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