If all you want is a video production house, we're not that.

But if a professional marketing partner who researches your audience, studies your message, and provides a strategy that delivers actual business results is what you need, we should speak.


Most explainer video companies have reverse engineered their process to spend as little time as possible with the client so they can take on as many projects as possible. You’ll likely be sent a questionnaire that takes you 5 minutes to complete, a few days later you’ll be given a script, and then maybe a week or 2 after that and, voila! Your video is done and you part ways. This is all without having an actual human conversation.

We do things a little differently. The speed and efficiency of these operations are great, but you’re not investing in a video to experience a really swift delivery, you’re investing in a video because you believe it is a valuable marketing asset that will have a tangible impact on your business. And to us, that’s the most important thing.

That’s why we take the time & the effort to actually research your business and your market; What are your company values? Who is your unique buyer persona? What kind of narrative will make them most likely to take action? 

Once we understand this, we then have a very solid foundation to provide actual strategic advice down to every last detail; Whether a minimalist, clean & clinical graphic style will better support your message or a character narrative; The predominant colour schemes we should use based on the emotions you want to evoke; The tone of voice that will have the biggest impact on the viewers experience. 

And this is just the production process.

Post production, we’ll sit down together and create a video strategy that you can take away and implement immediately. We’ll look at where your audience hang out and dissect the different areas of your marketing to identify where your focus should be.

We’ll be a like an extension to your business.

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Client Services Director

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Video Success

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Ben Smith

Project Management

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Sales Representative




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