Custom Animated Explainer Video Production Company in London, UK

Attract more leads, qualify more prospects, and close more deals.

Handcrafted explainer videos that separate you from your competition, leave viewers with a clear understanding of what you do, and inspire your prospects to take the next step.




Andrej Hribernik

CEO of Sauce Sites







“With do it yourself website builders, we were struggling to convey why our web development solutions were a much better option. The story that Instinct Animations created for us was a lot more compelling, and we noticed an immediate increase in engagement on our site thanks to their video. They are our go-to video animation company.”

Compelling storytelling

Everyone loves a good story, and we are storytelling masters. You’ll work with a team who are experts in taking your message and turning it into something that inspires your prospects. We’ve done it for the most complex of businesses, we can do it for yours, too.

Grow your business

We approach your project with one simple goal; To deliver business results. Tell us the impact you want your video to have on your business, and our proven process will get you there as effectively as possible. We’ve got it down to a science.

Turn prospects into customers

Your prospects are bombarded with marketing messages every minute of every day, so you need something impactful; Something that grabs their attention and makes them perk up. You need a whole team of expert storytellers and creative geniuses, not just a pretty video.

Animated Explainer Video Production

Are you looking for a custom animated explainer video for your business? Then look no further than Instinct Animations. We’re a UK based video production company with a difference, we will take the time to discover exactly what you want to achieve – whether you’re looking for a 2D or 3D video for your website. As specialists within our industry, our years of experience and numerous corporate clients showcase why we are the right choice for you.

An Innovative Production Process

Working to understand your brand, its values and the message you want to portray, we build a solid foundation from which your unique explainer video can be created.

Alongside the core elements, we also focus on your buyer persona, the colour schemes you want to be included and the tone of voice so that it has the biggest possible impact on each viewer’s experience. Covering every detail, we aim to make the process streamlined. 

Once we have an idea about what needs to be included, we will start the scripting, storyboarding, vocals and animation process. Throughout these stages, we will work with you to ensure you’re only getting the best animated explainer video. Including a succinct, powerful pitch once it’s completed and reviewed, you will be able to use the video throughout your marketing channels.

Video creation process

Tell us what your explainer video needs to accomplish for you, and our process will get your there as effectively as possible.


We’ll become like an extension of your business. We work hard to understand your brand, your customers and your values, and then discover your core message.


Whether you have an idea for a script or no script at all, you’ll get a perfect, succinct, and powerful pitch that you can use in all your marketing channels.


The creative geniuses behind your video brainstorm the best way to depict your message, and constantly refine it until we have a full sketch storyboard to show you. You’ll then get to review style frames and design boards that are aligned with your brand and your goals.


Your brand, your message and your video goals should dictate the voice artist you use. We’ll recommend a select few artists and have them audition to ensure your message is delivered perfectly .


Say hello to your brand new marketing asset. The secret behind a good explainer video is a balance of creative & strategy. The creative engages your viewers. The strategy is required to ensure you deliver a message that resonates with your viewers and inspires them to take the next step.

The Next Steps…

Once the production process is complete, we will sit down with you to create an unforgettable custom video strategy that you can use to get your video out to the world. Dissecting the various areas that you need to market and ensuring that it’s directed at your target audience, a focus of where it should be distributed will become clear.

Explainer video examples

Here’s how we’re helping Fortune 100’s and small startups alike close more deals.

instinctanimations Curogram
Play Video
instinctanimations fanarchy
Play Video
instinctanimations traive finance
Play Video
instinctanimations commvault
Play Video

Why Your Company Needs An Animated Explainer Video

If you’re unsure as to whether a corporate animated explainer is best for your business, here are the top benefits that you can reap from investing in one (or several):

You Can Attract More Customers

Making you stand out from your competition, custom explainer videos in 2D or 3D draw customers in by explaining your corporate message and what you can offer them. Qualifying prospects, you will be able to close more deals through this extraordinary media.

A Storytelling Technique

You want to create a user experience unlike any other – and this is where Instinct Animations comes in. We’re proud to say that we are masters in the world of storytelling. Working seamlessly with you to turn your company’s message into a new and exciting form of content, we know what it takes to create a compelling video.

A Way To Grow Your Business

We want more companies to know about your business so that it can grow in the long term. That’s why we approach each project individually – working with you to ensure that it’s bespoke to your requirements. If you’re based in London, UK, or even further afield, please feel free to contact one of our team on London: 020 719 312 07.

Hear from our clients

After 250 videos (and counting) that attract more leads, qualify more prospects, and close more deals for some
of the most complex businesses, you know can rely on us.

instinctanimations Jenny Matthews
Play Video

“We see the need and the value in what you provide so much so that we’ve figured out how we can purchase your videos on behalf of our clients.”


Jenny Matthews

Marketing Director
QCash Financial

instinctanimations Michael Frangou
Play Video

“The biggest concern I had was that you wouldn’t understand our value proposition. But that wasn’t the case at all, it turned out a great script and we are super happy with our explainer video.”

Michael  Frangou


instinctanimations Emily Rice
Play Video

“We haven’t had an agency who has been as efficient as you guys have. We’re really happy, our clients are really happy and they’re always impressed when they see the videos you create for them.”

 Emily Rice

Account Manager
Open Health

instinctanimations Nathaniel Frangou
Play Video

“We’ve created 4 videos with Instinct Animations who always find creative ways to showcase our product. We use their videos in pitches, on exhibition floors and in marketing campaigns.”

Nat Frangou

Marketing Director
Massive Analytic

Tell us about your project

Fill out the short form to set up a call with Stephen, our Customer Success Manager. You’ll come away knowing if an explainer video will help you achieve your goals, whether we’re the right team for you, and an idea of timeline and budget.

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